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Help rectify issues associated with TMJ and/or other problems that tend to interupt your dive with our one-of-a-kind mouthpiece with dental patients in mind. The Manta Bite helps in areas where one may be experiencing dental/jaw weakness and pain, to ensures a more enjoyable, comfortable, and safer dive.

TMJ & Dental Issues

Does your TMJ or other dental issues get in the way of your love for diving? If so, the Manta Bite is just the product you're looking for! The traditional design of regulator mouthpieces call for a "clench & hold" action which can be a serious problem for some. While there are a few custom mouthpieces on the market today, many models require a molded fit which again plays on using your teeth as the basis for holding your regulator in place. This is where the Manta Bite differs and offers a revolutionary route to maintaining your regulator. The patented wing design expands against the inside of the cheeks, which in turn creates a watertight seal; comepletely free of using one's teeth to grip. We hope that when you're wearing our mouthpiece your pain will disappear, create a greater sense of safety in the water, and also potentially eliminate the stresses of needing extensive dental work in order to continue your passion for diving.

Safety First

In the event that a diver happens to lose consciousness, the Manta Bite is designed to provide a greater probability that the regulator not fall out of place. While there are several factors involved in losing consciousness under water, if the diver is using the Manta Bite there is certainly a greater expectation that this mouthpiece will retain inside the divers mouth, thus increasing the amount of time one has to be rescued.

Reviews and Testamonials

"It’s nice to surface from a dive and not feel like I have lockjaw! No more headaches or sore teeth. Diving is much more relaxing."
- Dr. Lee, Boca Raton, FL

"2-3 dives a day and I’ve never been this comfortable."
- M. Lemke, Algonquin, IL

"…my jaws were less tired. If you are one of the many who suffer from TMJ problems or tend to bite through your mouthpiece you should definitely consider a Manta Bite." - S.A., Chicago, IL

I found the Manta Bite to be far superior then any other orthodontic mouthpiece I’ve tried. For me it works especially well during high current dives when I am doing underwater photography. I can concentrate on the task at hand instead of being afraid I’ll lose my reg!” - Charlotte van Weeghel, Santa Barbara, CA - Dive Global

Surprisingly effective. Especially on long dives chasing critters, I found I could relax more and focus on my tasks at hand. Thanks Manta Bite." - David Campbell, Thousand Oaks, CA - MarineBio.com

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