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Safety Mouthpiece

Our safety mouthpiece, Manta Bite™, is one of the most effective products available for a safer dive. Speak with one of our associates today about the product's special design features.

A product with patients in mind!

Even if you're missing your teeth or wearing dentures, your diving ventures are still completely possible with the help of this quality dental product.

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What is Manta Bite?

Embark on a more comfortable, safer dive with our unique patented diving mouthpiece from Dr. Russell P Fitton, located in Barrington, Illinois. The Manta Bite helps to eliminate jaw pain and fatigue often experienced by divers and snorkelers while also serving to provide a safer and more secure fit.

Manta Bite is a mouthpiece for dive regulators and snorkels that eliminates jaw pain or jaw fatigue. Not only is comfort a positive aspect of our design, but also the safety features, that we take much pride in. The main safety features of this mouthpiece are the "Manta Wings" that expand against your cheeks to retain the mouthpiece, thus eliminating the "clench & hold" method of more traditional dive mouthpieces. This is the first product of its kind on the market and is sold to divers and snorkelers worldwide. The mouthpiece was developed by a scuba diving dentist with over 30 years of underwater experience and is US patented under number 6,536,424. Divers and snorkelers who have used the Manta Bite love how comfortable it feels; a welcoming change to the regular muscle fatigue and pain associated with biting a standard mouthpiece.

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